Dr. Eric J Caissie OD

Dr. Karine Lanteigne OD



Dr. Eric Caissie & Dr. Karine Lanteigne, Optometry Clinics
Professional Vision Care in Southwest New Brunswick


Our dedicated bilingual Optometrists service all of your vision needs in a welcoming and relaxed environment. We provide comprehensive eye exams that include accurate refractions for all eyewear, binocular vision assessments, evaluation of ocular health and various treatment options when needed. Our three clinics in Saint John, Hampton and Saint Stephen are adjacent to a Vogue Optical, the largest dispenser of eye glasses and contact lenses in the Maritimes. We always provide you with a spectacle prescription at the conclusion of your exam. If you wish to buy glasses on location, the friendly Opticians at Vogue Optical will be happy to help you select frames (2nd pair free policy everyday) from a large selection of various and popular brand names. In conjunction with the Optometrist, the Opticians will guide you in recommending the most advanced ophthalmic lenses and coatings for your best visual comfort.

For those wanting contact lenses, your Optometrist’s prescription will be the basis for Vogue Optical’s licensed fitter to adjust contacts on your eyes for optimum visual comfort. This is done by booking an appointment with the fitter in our Saint John location only. For those already wearing contact lenses, most popular brands are available for repurchase at all three locations.

Dr. Caissie and Dr. Lanteigne, in conjunction with Vogue Optical staff and local Ophthalmologists (timely referrals), are confident they can attend to all your visual needs and eye health issues and those of your family. The continued success of our growing practice is through the word of mouth of our happy clientele.