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A Large Selection of Eyewear in Saint John

Dr. Eric J. Caissie’s and Dr. Karine Lanteigne's optometry clinic is affiliated with Vogue Optical, which is one of the largest dispensers of eye glasses and contact lenses in the Atlantic. After your eye examination, you can expect a spectacle prescription from us. If you wish to buy eyewear in Saint John, friendly opticians at Vogue Optical will be happy to help you select frames from a large selection of popular brands. Along with the optometrist, the opticians will guide you to recommend the most advanced ophthalmic lenses and coatings for your best visual comfort.

If you are looking for contact lenses, Vogue Optical will ask for your optometrist prescription to fit and adjust contact lenses on your eyes for optimum visual comfort. You will need to schedule such appointment with the contact lenses clinic located in the Saint John Vogue Optical only. You can find a large selection of frames, prescription lenses, contact lenses, prescription sun glasses, and more. When you purchase one pair of eyewear, the second pair of glasses is free.

Products Offered by Vogue Optical

Prescription glasses
Prescription sunglasses
Contact lenses
Cleansing solutions

Second Pair of Glasses Free

On the purchase of the first pair of eyewear, get the 2nd pair free.

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