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About Dr. Eric J. Caissie and Dr. Karine Lanteigne

Dr. Eric Caissie is a native of Moncton, New Brunswick, who earned a B.A. degree from the “University of Moncton” in 1985 and a Health Science Diploma in 1986. In 1990, he obtained his Doctor of Optometry degree from the "University of Waterloo”. Further, in 2001, he earned a licence to prescribe therapeutic drops through a residence program at the “School of Optometry, University of Montréal”.

His areas of interests and expertise are the alleviation of binocular vision imbalance by way of prisms and fitting of specialty contact lenses for irregular astigmatism and distorted cornea (Keratoconus). 

Dr. Caissie serves all three locations Saint John, Hampton, and St. Stephen. He does early evenings appointments in Saint John and is readily available to those who need more urgent and follow-up care. In his spare time, he loves to play competitive tennis, enjoys photography, kayaking, and camping.

Dr. Eric Caissie

Learn More about Dr. Karine Lanteigne

Dr. Karine Lanteigne was brought up in the Acadian Peninsula in northeast New Brunswick. She obtained a Health Sciences diploma from the “University of Moncton” and a Doctor of Optometry degree from the “School of Optometry, University of Montréal” in 2000. She is licensed to prescribe therapeutic drops and practices at both our Saint John and Hampton locations.

Dr. Lanteigne has a special interest in pediatric optometry as she demonstrates an exceptional aptitude when interacting with young children. She is also interested in the treatment options for the alleviation of dry eye symptoms. She is a busy mother of two young children and in her spare time enjoys hiking, biking and downhill skiing.

Dr. Karine Lanteigne
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